Graphic Design

Course Info at a Glance

  • Total Classes: 24

  • Class Duration: 2 Hours

  • Course Duration: 48 Hours

  • Class Schedule: Friday & Saturday – 5:00 PM – 7:00PM

  • Venue: 220/A & 220/D, Begum Rokyea Sharoni (3rd Floor), Mirpur,Dhaka, Bangladesh 1216

Course Fee

BDT 16,000

  • +8801713753909

Course Outline

Day-1 Discussion About Graphic Design Industry & Introducing About Photoshop

  • Discussion about Graphic Design Industry

  • Introducing About Photoshop

  • Photoshop Document Setup

  • What Is Screen Mode

  • What is Zoom? Document Zoom In & Zoom Out

  • How to Apply Color?

  • Basic Selection

  • Basic Layer

  • Undo and Redo

  • How to Save Document

Day-1 Task: Character Design (2)

Day-2 Advanced Tools Use

Details about Selection:

  • Selection Tools & Sub Selection Tools

  • What Is Father?

  • What Is Anti-Alias

  • Style of Selection

Image Size Customization:

  • Customize Using Crop Tool

  • Customize From Image Size

  • How Save Document for Web

  • Discuss About File Format

How to Use Brush Tool:

  • Details About Brush Tool

  • Brush Setting

  • How to Download Brash

  • How to Create Custom Brush

Day-2 Task: Facebook Cover Photo Customization and Pattee Design, Landscape Design

Day-3 Technique of Image Retouch

Image Retouch:

  • Spot Healing Brush Tool

  • Healing Brush Tool

  • Patch Tool

  • Red Eye Tool

  • Clone Tool

  • Pattern Stamp Tool

  • Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tools

  • Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools

  • History Brush Tool

  • Art History Brush Tool

Day-3 Task: Image Retouch (2)

Day-4 Pen Tools & Gradient Tool & Some Important Tools

How to Use Pen Tool?

  • Path Mode

  • Shape Mode

  • Path Selection Tool

  • Direct Selection

  • Pattern Stamp Tool

  • Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tools

  • Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools

  • History Brush Tool

  • Art History Brush Tool

How to Use Gradient Tool?

  • Gradient Tool

  • Paint Bucket Tool

  • Image Adjustment

  • Type Tools

  • Character Palette

Day-4, Task: 7 Image Adjustments

Day-5 Image Manipulation

  • How to Use Eraser Tools

  • What is Layer Lock?

  • What is Layer Merge?

  • What is Layer Mode?

  • Layer Group & Ungroup

  • What is Opacity & Fill?

  • What is masking?

  • What is Clipping Mask?

Day-5, Image Manipulation (3)

Day-6 Blending Option

  • Blending Option

  • Layer Adjustment Technique

  • What is Smart Layer

  • Link Layer

  • How to Use Align & Distribute Tool

  • Content Aware Scale

  • How to Use Puppet Warp Tool

  • Perspective Warp Tool

Day-6, Task: Login Design & Wooden Box Create.

Day-7 Ad Analysis & Learn About All Menu

Ad Analysis

  • Discussing About Advertisement

Details about All Menus

  • Edit Menu

  • Select Menu

  • Image Menu

  • Filter Menu- About Effects

Day-7, Task: Image & Text Effect, Web Banner Design

Day-8 Business Card Design

Business Card Design

  • Card Design Live In Class

  • Fiverr Marketplace

  • Freelancer Marketplace

Day-8, Task: Business Card Design (1)

Day-9 Flayer Design

  • Flayer Design Live Class

  • Discuss About Web Template

Day-9, Task: Flayer Design (1)

Day-10 Web Template Design

  • Web Template Design Live Class

Day-10, Task: Web Template Design (1)

Day-11 Advanced Tools

  • What is Chanel

  • What is Alpha Channel

  • Refine Edge

  • Action

  • Animation

  • Liquefy

  • Vanishing Point

Day-11, Task: Hair Masking With Alpha Channel, Vanishing Point

Day-12 Introducing About Illustrator

  • What is Chanel

  • Illustrator Interface, Tool bar and Document Setup

  • Compare between Photoshop & Illustrator

  • Discussion about Vector Graphics

  • Shape Creation Using Shape Tool and Pen Tool

  • Selection, Direct Selection & Group Selection

  • Discuss About Anchor Points

  • Discuss About Fill & Color And Apply Color

  • Object Arrangement, Grouping, Locking and Hiding.

  • Undo/Redo, Guide, Grid

  • Save the Document

Day-12, Task: Create Cartoon Shape By Using Basic Shapes.

Day-13 Gradient, Fill, Stroke, Color And Transforming, Pen Tool & Some Other Tools

Fill, Stroke and Color

  • Color Palette Overview

  • Black VS Rich Black in Color Palette

  • What Is Swatches

Gradient Tool

  • Discuss About Illustrator Gradient & Apply in Object

  • How to Use Swatches for Gradient


  • Discuss About Objects Transformation

  • Scale, Rotate & Free Transform Tool

  • Copy Forward & Copy Backward & Transform Again (Ctrl+D)

  • Objects Moving & Increments.

  • How to Use Offset Path

  • How to Draw With Pen Tool

  • Path Modification, Open & Close Path

  • Join Path Using Join Command

  • How to Modify & Convert Anchor Points

  • Eraser, Scissors & Knife Tools

  • How to Use Share Tools

  • How to Use Reshape Tools

Day-13, Task: Robi Logo, Rotation Practice, Wall Clock Design, Sketch & Illustration

Day-14 Mesh Tool, Stroke Palette, Pathfinder Tool, Blends & Masks


  • Details About Mesh Tool

Stroke Palette

  • Discuss About Stroke & Strike Palette


  • Details About Pathfinder

  • Shape Builder Tool

Blends & Masks

  • Custom Gradients Create Via Blending.

  • Customizing Blends for Shapes

  • Changing Shape of Customized Blends

  • Masking Edges with Clipping Masks

  • Masking the Shape of Customized Blends

Day-14, Task: Film Reel, Map Create By Stroke, Google Chrome Logo & Masking.

Day-15 Advanced Tools


  • Discuss About Type Tool

  • Details About Character Palette

  • Paragraph Palette

  • Details About Type Menu

  • Text Wrap

Brush Tool & Symbol Tool

  • Detail about Brush Tool

  • Symbol Libraries

  • Create Symbols

  • Symbol Spray Tool

  • Symbol Tools Modifying


  • Details About Transparency Palette

  • Blend Mode

  • How to Create Opacity Mask

Day-15, Task: Create A Magazine Page. Create a Logo

Day-16 3D Effects

3D Effects Create

  • How to Apply & Adjust the Extrude & Bevel Effect

  • Mapping the Artwork Revolve Effect

Effects & Appearance Panel

  • How to Use Effect & Appearance

  • Multiple Fills & Strokes on a Path

Details about All Menus

  • File, Edit, Object, Type, Select, View, & Window

Day-16, Task: Create Wine Glass & 3D Film Reel

Day-17 Logo Design Live Class-1

  • Discuss About Logo Design

  • Logo Design Live Class

Day-18 Logo Design Live Class-2

  • Logo Design Live Class

Day-19 Stationary Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Letterhead Design

  • Envelope Design

Day-19, Task: Business Card, Letterhead, envelope

Day-20 Stationary Design

  • Desk / Wall Calendar, Flyer & Brochure Design

Day-20, Task: Calendar Design

Day-21 T-Shirt Design

  • Discuss About POD

  • T-Shirt Design Live

Day-22 Stationary Design

  • Product Packaging Design

Day-23 Bonus Class-1

  • Logo Design

Day-24 Bonus Class-2

  • T-Shirt Design and Marketing

Day-25 ABC of SEO

  • What is SEO
  • Why business needs SEO

  • How Search Engine Works

  • Introduction of SERP

  • Types of SEO

Day-26 Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research

  • Why business needs Keyword Research

  • How to do Keyword Research

  • Some Keyword Research tools

Day-26 On-Page Optimization

  • Title Tag

  • Meta Tag

  • Image

  • Heading

  • Links

  • Content

Day-28 Off-Page Optimization

  • What is Backlinks

  • Blog Comment

  • Q/A

  • Social Links

Day-29 Bonus Class-3

  • Guideline to Build a Career

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Meet The Instructor

Mohammad Ali Ahmed Sumon

Name: Mohammad Ali Ahmed Sumon


Course Prerequisites

  • Basic computer knowledge.

  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Deep interest to learn new things.